Lakes of the Rocky Mountains: As Seen by Catharine and Peter

Lakes of the Rocky Mountains

As Seen by Catharine and Peter

To this day, the lakes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains are admired by people from all over the world. They travel far and wide to have just a glimpse of the kaleidoscope of colours that they provide. Catharine and Peter showed their admiration through their sketches and paintings.

A wide variety of their paintings are now on view at the museum in our latest exhibition, Artistry Revealed: Peter Whyte, Catharine Robb Whyte and Their Contemporaries. This show is on until October 21st in our main gallery.

Can't make it to the show? You can adventure through the lives of Catharine and Peter with our virtual home tour linked here: Whyte Home Tour

1) Peter Whyte (1905- 1966, Canadian), Mount Rundle from Vermilion Lakes,
n.d., oil on canvas, WyP.01.058

2) Peter Whyte (1905- 1966, Canadian), Lake O'Hara, 1928,
oil on canvas, WyP.01.144

3) Catharine Robb Whyte, OC (1906- 1979, Canadian),
Mount Biddle, Lake McArthur, 1937, oil on canvas, WyC.01.416

4) Catharine Robb Whyte, OC (1906- 1979, Canadian),
Mount Victoria, Lake Louise, 1945- 1955, oil on canvas, WyC.01.414

6) Peter Whyte (1905- 1966, Canadian), Mount Ringrose and Lake Oesa,
1935, oil on canvas, WyP.01.68

7) Peter Whyte (1905- 1966, Canadian), Cathedral Mountain, Lake O'Hara,
1930- 1935, oil on canvas, WyP.01.426 

The map provided below shows the locations where Catharine and Peter painted the art works that have been highlighted in this post. As you can see, they are heavily concentrated around the Lake O'Hara region.


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