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Museum Week 2018 - Living together, Citizenship and Tolerance

Museum Week - April 23rd to 29th 2018

The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies is proud to be participating once again in the international social media campaign known as Museum Week. For 7 days cultural institutions around the globe will be sharing their cultural content, whether it be from their collections, programs or special events, with the world. 
This year the theme for Museum Week is living together, citizenship and tolerance. Functioning under the belief that museums and all cultural institutions play a vital role in the development of our societies, Museum Week wants to dedicate this week to these shared beliefs in the hopes of forging links between museums and their diverse communities.
As community is at the core of the Whyte Museum's mission we always strive to show the world how our Banff/Bow Valley community has evolved from when Indigenous Nations traveled in the valley to our vibrant present day town situated in Banff National Park through our collections, programs…

SkiBig3: How Did We Get Here?

Sunshine Scrapbook Memories
We have arrived at the end of our SkiBig3: How Did We Get Here series. So far, we have looked into the humble beginnings of skiing in Banff by getting to know the men and women who believed in the sheer goodness that skiing can bring to people and a community. They worked tirelessly through years when they barely broke even or hardly kept their doors open, all for the love of the sport and the mountains that supported it. We will now take a look at how that hard work was repaid, affirmed, and immortalized by the locals and visitors who visited Sunshine Ski Resort via their photographs and scrapbooks. 

These days everyone and their dog has a cellphone and can capture and share their powder days with the world, sometimes right from the top of the mountain itself. However in the early 20th century when skiing was a new pastime, camera film took time and money to develop (let alone share with others). Photographs and scrapbooks took time and dedication to create,…

Our Mission Part 1 : Home Sweet Home

As we draw nearer to the 50th anniversary celebrations of our beloved museum we'd like to take some time to reflect on our Mission and what that means to us in 2018.

In the spirit of Peter and Catharine Whyte, the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies acquires, preserves, interprets and makes accessible the history and culture of the Rocky Mountains of Canada by inspiring and cultivating the exchange of knowledge and ideas through our collections, programs and exhibitions.
The part of that statement that resonates most with a lot of the staff at the Whyte Museum is the very first phrase "In the spirit of Peter and Catharine Whyte". If you could be a fly on the wall of the offices and meeting spaces at the Whyte Museum you would hear a variation of a question pop up quite often when staff discuss new programs, exhibitions, and the future of the Whyte Museum:
"What would Catharine do? What would Peter think of that? I wonder what Pete 'n' Catharine would've th…

Banff Sanitarium Hotel: Mineral Springs, Monkeys, and Medicine

Brett Sanitarium HotelMineral Springs, Monkeys, and Medicine

In 1851, a baby boy was born to James Brett and Catherine Mallon in Strathroy, Upper Canada. This boy would become known as Robert George Brett, or more commonly Dr. Brett. He would graduate from Victoria College Medical School, as a Medical Doctor in 1874. 

After further education, work, and travel, Dr. Brett joined the Canadian Pacific Railway on its endevour to build the transcontinental railway in 1881. During this time he concocted the vision to open a hotel and sanitarium based on the use of the mineral springs found in Banff. 

The site was selected and completed in 1886. At first it was called the Banff Hot Springs Sanitarium Hotel, but was shortened to Banff Sanitarium Hotel or Banff Sanitarium. 
When one hears the word, sanitarium, we picture an old, run-down building with unbearable conditions. Perhaps they picture a place where people who were mentally suffering were sent away by their families. However, the Banff San…

Our Mission Part 2 : A Great Adventure

If you haven't read Our Mission: Part 1 start Here. 
We are fortunate to have many different resources that connect us to our founders Peter Whyte and Catharine Robb Whyte. Our Archives and Library (which was the founding department of the Whyte Museum) holds all of Peter and Catharine's photographs, letters, books, sound recordings and videos. Over the years, our Archives staff have sifted through and processed 25 metres of textual records, 46,000 photographs (in various forms), 178 sound recordings, and 6 motion pictures. Needless to say, through all that sifting, our staff in the Archives have had ample opportunity to learn and explore what Pete and Catharine's lives were like here in Banff, and around the world during their many travels. This post will share some of our staff's favourite archival materials that have given them a glimpse into who Peter and Catharine were.

If we consider for a moment that 21 m of the total 25 m of textual records in the Peter Whyte and…